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Protecting Your Children From Online Predators

You probably have heard about bad things that happened to teens who arrange meet-ups with someone that they meet in Facebook or in other social media websites. As a parent you must be vigilant in guarding and monitoring the activities of the children or you might the kids at risk. For those that have across the term online predators only for the first time, here are some of the things that they are capable of doing to your kids.

What can online predators do?

First, they find their targets. They usually find their targets in online discussion groups, in social media and even in forums. They are also lurking in instant messaging sites and email. They usually lure young kids through gift, kindness, affection and giving them attention by just chatting to them. They are also updated in the latest trends and latest music so that they can relate to the kids. They also try to listen to the kid’s problem in the hope of creating a connection. They might even include sexual content in their conversations in the hope of luring them through sexual materials. Once they have developed trust that is the time that they invite them to have personal meet-ups. How then can you prevent online predators from targeting your kids?

How To Protect Your Child From Online Predators
How To Protect Your Child From Online Predators

Install safety settings

Various operating systems have built-in safety settings installed. Know the family safety settings and turn on this feature so that you can monitor the internet activities of your kids. You need to install anti-virus and anti-malware programs in your computer. Online predators might try to install phishing programs on your computer to stalk on your kids. Remember that prevention is always the best treatment.

Don’t allow the kids to join chat rooms

There are too many risks involved in joining the chat rooms so don’t allow them to join one. If they really insist to join, they should join only monitored chat rooms that are only exclusive to kids. However allow them to join only when they get older. For your teens that are currently joining chat rooms, advice them to join only monitored chat rooms.

Place the computer in the middle of the house

Despite the reminders, your kids might become curious and forget about your reminders. So that they won’t be tempted to access illegal websites, you can place the computer in the middle of the house where everyone can see what the kids are accessing. This is a better location rather than place the computer in their rooms.

Protect Your Child From Online Predators
Protect Your Child From Online Predators


You can allow your kids to use the computer but again you have to protect them also so they won’t become victims to online predators. The computer is a very helpful tool but there must be responsibility that goes with it. You can place browse monitoring programs or follow the tips listed above so that your kids will be protected from online predators.

Secrets Of Body Language To Get Men To Notice You

Body language is a form of communication through the form of gestures, facial expressions, and others. If you can understand well how to read body languages of a woman, then you get what I mean. It’s either she likes you or the other way around.

There are secrets only they know especially on what they are thinking and how they can relay it through their actions or movements. Women use this to lure in men. If you’re a guy and you get what it means, then you’re in luck. It’s just a matter of understanding and not gets the wrong message.

Don’t easily get lured to anything you hear

No one has perfect body language that can be easily understood. Sometimes we do the wrong actions which often lead to misinterpretation. However, this is something you should take seriously otherwise you’ll look like someone to laugh because you think it’s that important.

Decoding his body language
Decoding his body language

But it’s sometimes attractive to convey a message to someone you wish to lure in through body language. But you need to do it right so that you won’t make a fool of yourself.

Doing the right gestures

Providing your way of communication with gestures is not only a good form to convey messages, but also is a way to attract or get noticed by men. It’s also a way to somewhat flirt with them when they get to notice you doing your thing.

It’s a whole lot easier to flirt when you are communicating with gestures. This breaks away the tense and nervous factors which you can be very confident and keep that sexy smile. However, the problem with this is if you do too many gestures may look as if you are too nervous which can be very disturbing and not to mention, distracting.

Top 10 Signs You'll Get Lucky
Top 10 Signs You’ll Get Lucky

Let him see you more clearly

Don’t just speak and do your gestures if you are not clearly noticed by anyone as in literally. If there are barriers that will hinder from you being visible, then it’s pointless and your efforts to please him went down the drain for nothing.

Always make a space for yourself so that you are seen whatever you are conveying using your gestures to a particular guy. Once you are seen, then don’t creep out when that guy is starting to come close little by little until he finally got to you. This means it has worked wonders for you.

Always present yourself properly when you are speaking along with your gestures to attract men. Remember, never do too much so that it would not be seen as if your too desperate for attention. Just keep it simple and smooth.

Beating The Midnight Munchies Without Ruining Your Diet

When you are entering the world of dieting, you are not entering an easy breezy world where that slim and perfect body is so easily reached. When you diet you need to be disciplined and determined in your exercises and in what you eat. One of the biggest no-no’s in dieting is snacking in the middle of the night. When you diet it is ideal you eat nothing after 6pm, because it is during that time where your metabolism is slowest.

But sometimes we just could not help it, everyone knows sleeping with a growling stomach is far from pleasant. So here are some five safe snacks that you can have to satisfy the hungry beast in your stomach when it wants some munchies in the middle of the night.

Raisin peanut butter in place of regular peanut butter sandwiches

Despite the fact that peanut butter sandwiches contain healthy fats you need in your diet, it is still a house full of calories. But a less calorie-filled alternative is raisin peanut butter for your peanut butter sandwich cravings in the middle of the night.


To grilled cheese or to no grilled cheese

Everyone loves the feeling of having a nice grilled cheese sandwich, who does not love grilled cheese? Well unless you are lactose intolerant or dieting it is unfortunate that you have to steer clear from this delicacy. But there is still a way to enjoy some good cheese. Make a Panini-style sandwich of lean protein like turkey, leafy veggies and a little bit of cheese and you have a healthier alternative to grilled cheese.

Battling against high calorie potato chips

Chips are a couch potato’s best friend and a dieter’s worst enemy. They can just be so good and the cravings for these come on so strongly that it is most often hard to resist. But get this, instead of having chips you can have popcorn as a less calorie alternative! Sprinkle on some parmesan cheese and other spices you would like and you would not be thinking of indulging in chips anymore.

Urge for a Midnight Snack on a Diet
Urge for a Midnight Snack on a Diet

A sweet tooth alterative to candy

Asides from potato chips the craving for something sweet could also lead you to wanting some candy, which is something you definitely do not want to do if you are dieting. So what is an alternative that is just as sweet or maybe even sweeter? Strawberries filled with banana yogurt cream! If that does not satisfy your sweet tooth then what else will? To save on time you could always just use the banana yogurt cream as dip instead of filling the strawberries with them.

The cookie monster from within

Other sweet cravings include the classic cookie, who does not drool upon the mention of a succulent chocolate chipped cookie? Well there is good news for some dieters out there, there is a cookie that will give you only 41 calories per cookie. This cookie is dark chocolate chipped with coconut almond treats. Yum!

So there is no more fear for your refrigerator in the middle of the night if you are craving something. Because there are these safe snacks for you!

Career Growth: 3 Tips To Nailing Your Performance Review

A performance review is not just something done out of formality at the end of the year. A performance review can help improve and grow your career. It is something that you can lean on and learn from whether it is a bad or good review. It can also be a basis for getting a pay raise. A bad review can be a good tool to help you improve while a good review can motivate you to strive harder and aim to be the best. So how do you nail a good review? Here are 3 tips to get it done:

  1. Prepare and be your best the entire year

Getting a good performance review at the end of the year is easy if you would only do your job to the best of your abilities. However, if you have not started at the beginning of the year, it is still not too late to boost your performance. One of the best ways to improve your work performance is by checking what you have accomplished. You can do this by writing down what you have done on a weekly basis. At the end of the week or at the start of the week, you can look back at these notes and check if there are things that you need to improve on. By striving hard to improve on a weekly basis, you can easily nail the yearend review.

3 questions to ask in your performance review
3 questions to ask in your performance review
  1. Ask feedback from other people

It’s really difficult to find your own strengths and weaknesses. Even if there are people that say that they know their strengths and weakness, this is not an accurate assessment as you tend to be biased. You either say things that are too good to be true or you look down at yourself. The best people to assess your strengths and weaknesses are those that you trust. People are more critical of others than themselves. You can try asking your friends on what areas you are good at and the things you need to improve on. You can also ask some colleagues who are not your close friends as they will be more objective simply because they do not know you personally.

Archive for the Advance your Career
Archive for the Advance your Career
  1. Identify the areas you should improve on

Being consistent with your job is difficult. There will be bad days at work. One of the ways to nail a performance review is by showing your employer that you have improved on your job and have been consistent since the start of the year. Also, during the performance review, identifying areas to improve on will show your boss that you are serious about improving and advancing your career.

Improvement is the main purpose of having performance reviews at the end of the year. Your manager will certainly love it if you made improvements since last year’s review. Telling your manager about how others appreciate what you’ve done will certainly help you nail your review. Performance reviews are very essential for companies and employees. These reviews are eye-openers and make you become a better employee regardless of the position you are handling.

How To Streamline Your Onboarding Practices

Getting qualified people is an important element in any business. Without skilled and knowledgeable employees, all business operations will come to a standstill. Practically all kinds of businesses require manpower and they need efficient manpower to ensure the quality of their products and services.

Looking for the right people is already challenging in itself. What is even more challenging is getting these new people to be smoothly assimilated into your work force. It is important that they get acquainted with business operations and properly trained to be efficient. Here come your business’ onboarding practices. For the best onboarding practices, read the following tips below:

Paperless Onboarding Improves Employee Retention
Paperless Onboarding Improves Employee Retention

Go for paperless onboarding

One of the biggest challenges of hiring new employees is the tons of paperwork that comes with it. With latest online technology, you can practically do away with all these tiresome manual paperwork and save yourself time, effort, and resources. With paperless onboarding, new hires are required to fill-out and submit forms online. This process can be done in just one day, freeing up a large chunk of time wasted on filling out forms. To add to this, an excellent paperless system is also able to send automatic notifications for expiring forms or for upcoming evaluations.

Organize your training materials with cloud technology

Training materials are essential in ensuring a smooth transition for new hires. Properly trained employees, however new, are able to contribute to your business’ growth. It is therefore a must that your training materials are organized. This could be done using cloud document management which not only keeps everything organized but also accessible from anywhere. This cloud system will also help you in tracking modification dates of materials, checking for previous versions, or collaborating on documents from your browser. The best part of this technology is that new hires can go through the training manual even before they step foot in the workplace.

Release: Salesforce Partner Sync & more
Release: Salesforce Partner Sync & more

Go for the more efficient online employee files

Cloud technology allows you to do so much more for your business. In fact, it enables you to keep employee files or records in an online filing cabinet. Retrieval of information is highly efficient and time-saving. Excellent systems can allow you to have control over what info can be accessed from the online cabinet. Access permissions are granted to specific individuals for viewing certain info, such as insurance information for employees. On the other hand, the system will deny access to classified information such as performance reviews. A compliant system will also provide an audit trail to keep track of everything that happens within the system.

All in all, these tips highlight the importance of incorporating technology to your onboarding process. An efficient online system can practically do everything for you, from having important forms filled out by new hires, to effectively training them, to keeping track of their performance. This online system isn’t only beneficial to you as business owner, but also to your employees, who can now with authorization check on their salaries and even benefits. An online onboarding system is surely the most efficient way of getting manpower for your business.